Bowed Curtain Rods Why Use Curved Pillow Rods When You Can Use Traditional Hanging?

Bowed Curtain Rods if you have ever noticed, bowed curtain rods that are bent and are mounted to the wall are always rather interesting. Not only does the look unusual but there is also a certain air of confusion about it as well. Most homeowners will immediately make a judgment about the style or type of material that was used to make the rods. Most likely they are going to look at some sort of standard bowed curtain rods that has a round piece at the end that is curved.

Some folks will wonder how a curved rod can add style and grace to drapes or bowed curtain rods when there are actually windows that do not have curtains hanging from them. There are several unique types of rods that can be used to hang curtains on windows. Of course, you will need to get specially sized rods that will fit your particular window. The great thing is that they can really enhance the overall look of the windows by creating a focal point that helps to draw the eye into the room.

Curved Curtain Rods

One type of conventional telescopic rod that can really be adapted to the required curved shape is the arched variety. You can find these in varying widths, in order to provide the appropriate amount of spacing for the desired curvature. They normally measure out at about 24 inches and can be mounted on the inside or outside of the frame depending on what you desire.

Another set of beaded bowed curtain rods can be made out of brass that is known as a brass shot to bend. This is a very nice choice for many bathrooms because they will generally match the existing fixtures and shower curtain. In some cases, you might even be able to select two different styles so that you will have the ability to coordinate the new hardware with the existing fixtures and shower curtain. This could be a good option if you are having someone install the new shower or if you want to retain the curtain tie backs that are typically incorporated into the installation process for traditional hung shower curtains. These are available in various widths and lengths and can usually be purchased through standard plumbing supply stores. In some cases, a plumber may be able to order them through an online retailer.

Arched Curtain Rods

The last of the curved rearwardly extended end portion of the rod, which is also called the tread, can be made out of steel or aluminum. You will often find these in multiple bowed curtain rods fixtures of the character described. The advantage to using a steel tread is that they are very durable and will not rust. They are also usually manufactured with the tread portion of the curved section attached to the back of the actual pivot rod so that it does not require separate installation when the curtain is actually assembled.

The third curved rearwardly extended end portion of the rod, which is also known as the eye, can be made out of wood or plastic. It is located within the confines of the hanger itself and is designed to be fastened to the wall at its halfway point. When the hanger is used, this portion will curve slightly towards the user in order to allow it to operate properly. Bowled multiple bowed curtain rods that incorporate such a component into their design are typically manufactured with the tread portion of the rod positioned inside the hanger in order to ensure that it functions properly.

Curved Curtain Rods For Bay Windows

One of the most common features of bowed curtain rods that are curved is that they will usually come complete with either one or two mounting brackets. These brackets will be of varying sizes depending on the size of the actual rod that is included with the set. Some rods for curtain rods are designed with one fixed frame that can be secured directly to the wall, while others will feature adjustable brackets. The bracket that is most often chosen to mount the rod is the one that best suits the overall look of the room where it will be situated. This will help ensure that the rod can look great in the room while functioning properly.

Curved curtain rods can be bought that have both front and rear ends that are disposed of at the rear of the unit. These types of units will feature a spring-loaded mechanism that allows the user to have control over the amount that the bottom of the rod is exposed to the room. Most of these types of rods for curtains are made from iron, which makes them strong and durable. In addition to the strength of the bowed curtain rods, which vary according to the material that is used, they are also able to have their ends securely fastened in either clamps or hooks.

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