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Choosing and Install Vintage Curtain Rods and Brackets

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Vintage Curtain Rods made of are what? Most antique rods are made of iron and can be found in cast iron, antique iron, or wrought iron. You will also find vintage iron canopy poles and vintage door curtains. Antique brass, steel, and aluminum are also popular materials. The most common materials used are wood, brass, and aluminum.

Do you need vintage curtain rods or do you want to customize a vintage curtain rod? Some people like to get vintage curtain rods and just buy poles with vintage themes or pictures on them, whereas other people want to customize. For the latter type, you will need to either make your fixtures or purchase ready-made rods in a variety of finishes and styles. If you want to make your curtain rods, you can start by finding vintage hardware stores in your area. Brass tubing and vintage curtain rods are just some of the hardware that might be found at these stores.

Vintage Curtain Rods Hardware

To make your vintage curtain rods, you will need an old lamp, vintage curtain rods, wire and an art nouveau style cutlass (or another long weapon), and safety scissors. You can either make your own art nouveau style cutlass from an old gold and brass antique, or you can buy one. They are very affordable and can be found at many thrift stores.

To customize your art nouveau-style rods, you will need fabric covered webbing, scissors and fabric markers, and a needle. Measure the inside of the tube or the recess of the rod at the eye and make a mark. You will want to use three or four inches per side for the attachment brackets. Cut strips of fabric to cover the inside of the rod at the eye and then attach the brackets and the webbing.

If you are building these vintage pair of antique swing arm curtain rods, you will not only want to attach the brackets to the wire, but also attach the curtains to the brackets. The curtains must fit snugly. Take your time and sew carefully around the entire pole. Once you have finished the last step of attaching the brackets to the wire, you will want to roll the pole back up on its end and attach the brackets at the top of the vintage curtain rod. Place your vintage curtain rods accordingly and clip the bottom brackets onto the floor.

Vintage Curtain Rods Etsy

If you would rather build your vintage curtain rods, I would suggest that you use heavier rods for the actual brackets. They can be made from wrought iron, thick wood, or brass tubing. Please see my other articles for more information on how to make these brackets. Remember that it is extremely important to attach the curtains to the brackets securely to avoid any accidents.

When assembling the vintage curtain rods, please see the hardware and vintage curtain tiebacks that are included. The hardware comes in four pieces, all of which are plated and can be easily soldered together. The vintage curtain tiebacks, on the other hand, are plastic or metal hardware that attaches to the rod and down to the side of each rod. This will allow your curtains to drape without falling back when they are pulled back. The hardware is sold separately and can be found in most home improvement stores.

If you decide to create your vintage rod, it is a good idea to search vintage stores and vintage spools to see if you can match the hardware you find with the sizes of the curtain rods and brackets that are available at your local craft supply store. As I said, vintage hardware is rare, so if you can find one in good condition, it may be worth buying the vintage hardware. It may also be possible to purchase the hardware from a yard sale or garage sale.

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