Cons Of Different Curtain, The Pros And Rods **2021

Cons of different curtain, there are some cons of different curtain rods in store. The number one pro of a curtain rod is that it is the most common form of hanging a curtain. Almost every single household in America has one. Even if you don’t have a lot of choice in your home decor, you should still hang a curtain because they are the easiest to find and the least expensive.

The cons of curtains start almost as soon as you get them. One of the biggest cons of curtains is that they can be very flimsy. If you use silk material for your drapes, then you will see that they break easily. If you put a velvet material drape in front of your windows, you will find that they are not nearly as durable. The material will begin to fall apart and become unattractive very quickly. If you have lace curtains, then you will not have this problem.

Cons Of Different Curtain Rods

The next biggest con of different curtain rods is that they do not match with your other curtains. If you have heavy drapes, then you want to use heavy-duty rods to hold your curtains up. If you only have thin curtains, then you might not want to pay the extra money to buy those heavy-duty curtains. This will be one of the cons of different curtain styles that you have to consider when buying a new curtain rod.


Another big con of curtain rods is that you have to have a lot of them. The reason is that there are many different types of curtain rods – residential, commercial, and event designer. Each type of curtain requires different types of rods – even if you have designer rods, you will still need to buy the regular ones to hang your curtains. This is another one of the cons of different curtain styles – you have to keep buying new ones.

Cons Of Different Curtain Designs

You can also choose to have a curtain rod with a pole in the middle, but this will be inconvenient because you have to adjust the rod every time you pull a curtain. That means that you will have to take the curtain down every time you want to go out, or when you want to put them back up. This will defeat the purpose of having a rod in the middle – you would rather want to be able to adjust your rods easily without having to take them off and reset them.


In addition to that, you will spend more time adjusting the curtain rods each time you do something with your curtains. Imagine what happens when you have to get the kids ready for school, then run into the house to pick up groceries, and then run back to the house to hang the curtains. With a rod that is too high, you have to hold the curtain rod in place while adjusting the rod so that you don’t trip over it. This can get tiring – imagine how tiring adjusting the rod would be when you have two kids at home.

Cons Of Different Curtain Styles

There are many more cons of different curtain rods. When choosing the rods for your windows, always take into account the length of the curtains that you need to hang. Longer curtains need wider rods. Longer curtains also need extra support when hanging. You will find that you struggle to hang long curtains on a rod that is not balanced properly.


If you only have small windows, then you should go for a small rod. As mentioned earlier, rods must be balanced. A smaller rod will cause the curtain to flop over if the rod is not balanced well. This is why you should choose a rod that is the correct size for your window.

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