Curtain Rod Shelf – Essential Home Decorating Tool **2021

Curtain rod shelf, with a curtain rod shelf combo kit and curtain rod shelves, you will have the most functional home imaginable. The right curtain rod shelf combination will provide you with a decorative surface above your curtain rod that keeps it out of harm’s way, and the curtain rod shelf provides a place for you to store the curtain when it isn’t being used. With curtain rod shelving and curtain rod shelf combo kits, your curtain rod will always be ready for use. These kits come in a variety of sizes to fit your curtain rod needs, and there are also many designs to choose from, such as wood, metal, and even molded wood.

The curtain rod shelf combo consists of two metal rods, usually four inches wide. Two screws make it simple to assemble. A curtain rod shelf is typically round but can be whatever shape you desire. They are measured, then cut to your specific size. The Center support rod for the curtain is usually eight inches wide, two inches deep, and eight inches tall.

Curtain Rod Shelf Bracket

Every curtain rod shelf kit includes the hardware necessary to fasten the curtain rod to the curtain rod shelf center support brackets. To mount the brackets, you need an eight-inch curtain rod with an eight-inch center support rod. Mount the brackets on either side of the curtain rod and attach the hardware. Then hang the curtain and enjoy your new custom curtain rod shelf system.


One more great feature of the curtain rod shelf combo kit is that it creates a space between the curtain rod and the wall. This space creates an arch for easy movement. It also creates a nice open window look. This is nice when you want some more privacy or a romantic feel. With this space, you have the option to drape some fabric, open the curtain, and still have a nice open window look.


You can get these curtain rod shelves in many different styles. If you are like most, you will choose standard black curtains for the main curtain rod shelf bracket. Some of the kits include black, brass, and gold-trimmed brackets. The standard curtain rod shelf centers support brackets are eight inches wide, but you can choose a smaller or larger one if you like. There are many different styles available, so you can create the look you love, just make sure that the size you choose fits your curtain rod and other hardware.

Curtain Rod Shelf Combo

If you plan to hang sheer curtain rods, you need to check how they are attached to your curtain rod. Sometimes you can buy curtain rods that have their curtain rod already attached, so it just makes one rod. Other times, you have to drill special holes into the curtain rod and then attach the curtain rod shelf. Once you have decided what style and size curtain rod shelf you want, you can go shopping. If you are buying curtain rods as a kit, you might even be able to get them in the colors you want, which can really make your room pop.


These days, curtain rods and shelves have come in many finishes, styles, sizes, and types. If you are not sure what type would look good in your home, you might consider visiting a curtain rod store to see the selections. You might also want to do some research online so you can find reviews to see which curtain rods work the best.

Curtain Rod Shelf Wood

Curtain rods and curtain shelves can be found at many home decor stores, furniture stores, and even department stores. If you don’t find what you want in your local area, you can always shop online and see what is available. You will be amazed at the selection and styles of curtain rods on the Internet and in stores both locally and online. Even if you are not sure what kind would look best in your home, you should definitely take a trip to a curtain rod store to see what is available and what is popular. With curtain rods, you can have a decorative and functional piece to add to your home decor that will last for many years to come.

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